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Mold control - both for prevention of mold growth and mold removal - is often a do-it-yourself job. I have worked close to 20 years bringing a microscope to houses and other buildings and have learned where mold grows, how it grows, what least-toxic product works best to remove it, and what least-toxic product works best to keep it from coming back. I trust that you will find the information at this website as empowering as many of my inspection clients have found it.
Explore my website to learn:

  • How to clean up from flooding.
  • How to find toxic black mold and other fungi (mold), visible and invisible
  • What are the health concerns with black mold and other fungi
  • How to proceed with mold removal, using a least-toxic, effective product from your supermarket - not bleach!!
  • How to seal (encapsulate) so mold doesn't grow back, again using a least toxic, effective product
  • What to be cautious of with some "green" products, such as enzymes, herbs, and spices, and other mixes
  • What the differences are between a screening mold inspection compared to an in-depth mold inspection
  • What to expect if planning to work with a mold removal company (mold remediation contractor)
  • Why to avoid contracting for both inspection and removal services with the same company.
    (My company conducts mold inspections and is independent of any remediation contractor.)

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You'll find important holistic and effective information here, not only self-help information but also to assist you when working with mold professionals. 
A new section has recently been added, the ABCs of Flood Clean-up.

If I can help with an on-site mold inspection, please call.

Remember that it's not just mold. I inspect for whatever might harm your health at home - other air quality issues, electromagnetics, water quality, etc. See my other website at

  -- May Dooley, M.S., M.A., CMC

Certified Microbial Consultant

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On-Site Microscope

I am May Dooley, the author of this site, the host of  the radio program, Create Your Healthy Home, and columnist for Our Toxic Times, a newsletter for the chemically injured.

I am also an experienced mold inspector who is ready to help you with your mold and other environmental concerns. Based in Pennsylvania but with a location on Long Island, I  do mold inspections in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey,  New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC and other areas by arrangement.

I realized early on that bringing a microscope to clients' homes gave me a great advantage in finding mold. I was no longer locked into laboratory fees and so could take as many samples as needed to find sources of mold.

Sampling consists of touching clear sticky tape to a suspect surface and then observing the tape under a microscope for the presence or absence of mold. Many air samples are also taken, in order to study patterns of mold dissemination and to  better zero in on sources.

There are only about a half dozen types of mold commonly found in the average home. These types are fairly straightforward to recognize under the microscope. I show my clients what I'm seeing, as well as provide reference material. Laboratory confirmation is available upon request.

My several hundred-page manual, Mold Control on a Budget,  has much more information of the type found at this website, It is due out in September or October, 2007. Please email me  to be informed of the publication date.

   You'll find more information here at "Mold Control on a Budget," such as:

I also can investigate other environmental concerns besides mold, such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide, lead paint, full spectrum electromagnetic fields, water quality issues, vacuum cleaner effectiveness, and a review of household products. Please check out my 2nd website, and the blog at

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